Huge numbers of people visit the Grand Gorge every year. The gorge was designated a nationwide Park about a century ago, and individuals happen to be flocking into it since. This size the gorge is astonishing as it is in regards to a mile deep, 18 miles wide and 277 miles lengthy. The sight is nearly too beautiful for words. Plus, if you have been activities to understand more about while in the Grand Gorge.

Led Tours

Going for a led tour from the Grand Gorge is a great starting point. On the led tour, you’re going to get to determine all of the sights and play in the fun activities that are offered.

Whenever you leave a town in Central Arizona for example Sedona, Scottsdale, Phoenix, or Flagstaff, you’ll find tours by helicopter, plane, or bus available. You’ve got the same choices should you leave Vegas. Grand Gorge led tours are great day journeys whenever you visit to Vegas or Arizona, be sure that you understand all the available alternatives prior to choosing an excursion.

You are able to have a led tour towards the south Rim or West Rim from the gorge regardless of whether you pass bus or air. If you are considering seeing both rims, you have to book two different tours because there’s no tour which goes to both rims on a single trip. There are lots of items to experience each and every rim, plus both rims are beautiful to determine.


Your departure city will most likely pick which rim you’ll visit. Should you leave from Vegas, you’ll have the selection of rims to go to however if you simply leave from the city in Central Arizona, you will likely visit the South Rim. Free Airline Rim is nearer to Vegas so it’s the fastest one to get at, that makes it typically the most popular with vacationers departing in the Vegas area.

The scenic vistas across the South Rim are breathtaking, and it also is how Grand Gorge Village is situated. Additionally, you will see that old station for that Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad combined with the Yavapai Museum of Geology, and also the Customer Center.

Free Airline Rim offers excitement and adventure. While there, you are able to go for a walk around the Grand Gorge Skywalk, a glass bridge suspended high over the gorge floor. Other sights include Hualapai Ranch and also the interesting Indian Cultural Center. Free Airline Rim can also be the only real place where one can have a thrilling helicopter ride lower the edges from the gorge towards the floor below. While there, you are able to have a float trip lower the Colorado River.


Grand Gorge tours offer a number of options so that you can explore the gorge and go to the sights that appeal to you most. Each tour, whether it’s an airplane fight, chopper ride, or coach tour, is fun in the own way.

If you’re going for a helicopter tour from Vegas, you are able to book a landing tour or perhaps an air-only tour, however if you simply are going to the South Rim by chopper, you’ll have to select an aura-only tour.

Taking an aura tour towards the south Rim may be the quickest method to see most from the gorge because the flight covers around 70-5 % from the area. Obviously, from Vegas, you may choose an aura tour from the West Rim too. You may choose an aura-only flight towards the West Rim, but if you wish to spend some time going through the gorge, select a landing tour.


If you take a bus tour towards the West Rim, you can include on the boat ride lower the Colorado River, chopper ride lower the gorge, along with a walk around the glass Skywalk, and for a bus tour towards the south Rim you can include with an exciting rim-to-rim chopper ride.